McG’s Monster

mcg(Article by Tony G.) Lets face it, McG is never going to earn an inch of credibility if he continues to use that MTV-like moniker. Can you really imagine Jack Nicholson announcing the winner of the Best Director Oscar to be a guy called ‘McG’.

Equally, he’s not going to earn any credibility by making bad films, but I have to give him some credit that he’s moving away from the hyperactive action genre, first with We Are Marshall, and now with his forthcoming feature called Me and My Monster. As reported on Slash Film:

The film is about a young boy who has a friendship with a bizarre creature that changes the course of his life as he becomes an adult.

Could this be a psychological drama about a traumatised child whose distressing home-life results in him imagining a monster to be his friend? Or more likely it’s just a rejigged version of Mac and Me. But the concept seems harmless enough, and with Stan Winston on board as producer, this film is certain to be a visual treat.

You can read more about the movie here.