Meatball Guys Hop Over to 21 Jump Street

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of the animated “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”, is currently in negotiations with Columbia Pictures to helm the live-action “21 Jump Street” movie. Known primarily as the show that launched Johnny Depp’s career, “Jump Street” was about a group of too-young looking cops that were recruited into a secret undercover unit where they went, among other things, undercover in high schools to bust thieves, drug dealers, bad apples, and the like.

“21 Jump Street” the movie is currently being guru’ed onto the big screen by Jonah Hill, aka the fat kid from all those Judd Apatow movies, who is writing the script with Mike Bacall and plans to star. Yes, Columbia Pictures, in their infinite wisdom, for some reason thought it was a brilliant idea to hand over the entire franchise to a two-bit Judd Apatow player. I shit you not, folks, this is the kind of genius thinking that goes on in Hollywood every day.

But I digress. If Lord and Miller signs on, “Jump Street” will be their first live-action movie.

About the cops on the show, I don’t think they ever went undercover in college, which would seem to be more appropriate, but I suppose college kids have, you know, more rights than high school teens or something. Then again, maybe they did eventually go undercover in college later in the show’s life, though I don’t recall it ever happening. It’s been ages since I saw the show on Fox, though it re-runs regularly on one of my local channels. The aesthetics don’t hold up, though you could still tell from those old episodes that Depp had the makings of a star.

Wait, what? That fat kid from Superbad? Aw, man, this is gonna suck.