Meaty New Poster for the Hong Kong Horror Flick Midnight Beating

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Truthfully, the only reason I’m even remotely interested in the upcoming Hong Kong freak-out “Midnight Beating” is Simon Yam. He’s one of those actors that I’ll blindly follow anywhere, even when I know that the production he’s associated with is a steaming pile of monkey droppings. And while the verdict is still out on “Midnight Beating”, I have my suspicions about the film. At any rate, there’s a new poster for the film currently making the rounds — it’s the one you see situated below this supposedly informative paragraph.

“Midnight Beating”, which stars Simon Yam, Francis Ng, Yao Di, Liu Yu-Xin, Yang Yuyu, Li Nian, opens in China on December 24th, 2010. Thanks to Film Smash for the info.

Author: Todd Rigney

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