Meet Holmes and Watson from CBS’ Elementary


Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller in ELEMENTARY TV Series

Say what you will about CBS’ “Elementary”, their attempt at a Sherlock Holmes TV series, but I like the idea of a druggie, boozy Sherlock Holmes. I know Benedict Cumberbatch (awesome name, that) has the whole “slick, dysfunctional genius Sherlock Holmes” down with the BBC’s “Sherlock”, but the notion of a Sherlock Holmes stuck in America who is possibly even more disastrous than the people whose murders he’s trying to solve is kinda cool. And unique. Let’s face it, if it was just a carbon copy of the BBC show, everyone would be crying foul, and for good reason.

Here’s another look at Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller, aka Watson and Holmes, respectively, from the upcoming show. Michael Cuesta of “Homeland” fame directed the pilot episode, which finds Watson being hired by Holmes’ father to be his sober buddy. Instead, he pulls her into his world of crime solving. Hey, beats listening to people talk about their problems in AA, right?

“Elementary”, which co-stars Aidan Quinn as Holmes’ cop contact, arrives this Fall on CBS.

Author: Nix

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  • Rain


    • Chris

      I agree! This is the same formulaic cop/detective show that ever was dreamt up by Hollywood. I had high hopes because I admire both actors so much but am sorry I even watched it. Two great actors in a run of the mill TV show. Too sad……

  • Spikesugarluv

    Who needs this show when we have the BBC Sherlock series.

    This might be more interesting if John was a man.

    • Spikesugarluv

      If Watson was a man…Sorry

  • Asdfasdf

    If this guy wins an Emmy before Cumberbatch does I’ll cut someone dead.

    • Dominique Hatcher

      I think it’s criminally premature to be talking Emmy at this point

  • Sigyn Jones

    Ugh. I feel like a hypocrite because now I am starting to become intrigued by this series…

  • Sara

    When I first heard that America was coming out with a new version of Sherlock Holmes, I was ecstatic. I’m a die hard fan of the books, movies and even the TV shows so at first I was excited to see this show especially since it has a female Watson which is a fantastic twist in the story. But after seeing that this new “Joan Watson” is not an army doctor, did not get shot and was affected by war, and didn’t find Sherlock through needing to find a flatmate, but was rather assigned to him, it’s pretty sad to say this show completely ignores the original character development. Now I’m usually open to new ideas, but a story as classic as Sherlock Holmes needs to at least keep the main traits of the story. I may be too judgmental of a series that hasn’t even aired yet, but I have a strong feeling that it isn’t going to be that popular. Or at least not as popular as BBC’s Sherlock.

    • Dedpool

      Well if they had basically done that same set up what would make it any different than the BBC version?

  • Diana

    We want viewers to boycott this new series on CBS. It is an insult to the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We should all support the Yes on Prop 8 man and not watch this series!

    • Dedpool

      Cause you know, no one else’s stuff has been updated, remade, or reimagined by any body else before. Nope Never been done. Oh wait yes it has, for centuries.

  • Dedpool

    I’m intrigued by this new take, plus the actors are good. It looks like “House” meets the “Mentalist”