Megan Fox as Catwoman in Batman 3? Yes, Claims British Tabloid of Questionable Credibility

Oh, you British tabloids. They make us movie bloggers look good by comparison. Sure, some of us lowly bloggers, what with our stained boxers and smelly undershirts like to make up stories just for the traffic, and God knows I haven’t been discerning enough not to link to even the most obviously fake (or poorly sourced) news from my fellow bloggers, but you know, compared to the guys who write for the British tabloids like The Sun, we’re practically oozing with journalistic integrity. So, here’s the latest questionable story from Across the Pond, which has Megan Fox playing Catwoman in Nolan’s Batman 3.

And just to show you how much they don’t care that you already know this story is probably not true, the writer of the article doesn’t even pretend he got this news from one of those oft-mentioned but rarely disclosed “anonymous studio sources”. Instead, he just comes right out and says that Megan Fox will play Catwoman in Batman 3. Not only that, but that Nolan, Bale, and everyone else will also return.

Hmmm. Really?

Okay, so the idea of Megan Fox as Catwoman, in that Halle Berry/Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman suit is more than a little drool-worthy, but really? There still isn’t any real evidence that Fox can act, though I would imagine that voice of hers and her propensity for cursing like a sailor in magazine interviews and wishing death on Middle America for not holding the same views as hers might be considered the “dark streak” that the character needs. But still, I can’t see Nolan casting someone known more for her looks and abs than her acting. He just doesn’t seem to play that Hollywood game.

Then again, he did cast Katie Holmes in the first one, and then replaced her with the oddball looking Maggie Gyllenhaal in the second one, so…

(Yes, I’m fully aware that this is our second Megan Fox-centric story in as many posts, but I swear, it’s just coincidence.)

Megan Fox is so deep and junk, she has famous quotes tattooed on her person. Now that's deep.

Megan Fox is so deep and junk, she has famous quotes tattooed on her person. Now that's deep.