Megan Fox Eyeballing Another Comic Book Hottie

I’ll be honest with you. There’s almost no chance of this actually happening. Heck, I’m not sure if the movie is even possible, so the fact that Megan Fox wants to play a character in it seems kind of moot, right? But hey, call us Lovers of Moot, because we can’t help ourselves: Megan Fox has said that she’d like to play Rainmaker in a “Gen 13” movie.

In the original comics, Sarah Rainmaker is an Apache bi-sexual/activist who can control the weather. Basically, a Native-American version of Storm from “The X-Men”. She’s a politically active superhero with a hard-on for all things PC. Check out a picture of her to your left.

Of course, this is all moot, because a “Gen 13” movie is nowhere close to actually happening, though it would be cool if it did ever get the chance. Plus, given her string of bombs, studios are probably not going to cast a hot-blooded Caucasian like Megan Fox to play a Native American character. Given the character’s personality, that would be doubly insulting and just plain wrong.

(Then again, if Megan Fox should ever manage to get “Fathom” made and it becomes a huge hit, whose to say…?)

Still, this gives us an excuse to post the below picture of Megan Fox. What’s hotter than a hot woman in geekwear? Not a damn thing. You’re welcome, America.