Megan Fox is Wonder Woman!

Well, not really. But some guy with some mad photoshop skills (that means he’s really good at photoshopping, for you old farts out there) put up a site that purported to reveal the identity of the actress who would be playing Wonder Woman, Queen of the Buxom Amazons, in an upcoming major motion picture. Obviously the whole thing is bull crap, as found out through a WB rep. As if everyone didn’t already know, am I right? A casting this big would have hit the net like a firestorm from the word Go.

Mind you, not that I think Fox would have been right as Wonder Woman. In fact, I’m not even sure if Megan Fox can actually act, but oh boy, does she look good in that outfit or what? Take a gander at it below, boys and girls. (But mostly you boys out there.)

So will someone finally make a Wonder Woman movie? Probably sooner rather than later. Then again, finding the right person to fill out the tiara and bracelets might be the biggest problem. How about that Aussie girl from the now-defunct Justice League movie? She looked pretty Amazonian, and being a former model sure wouldn’t hurt her fill out the costume…

In any case, here’s someone’s idea of a perfect Wonder Woman. Via:

Below: I swear, I’m only interested in Megan Fox for her talent.