EXCLUSIVE: Megan Fox Joins Half to Death

hot-fox.jpg(Article by Robert Lewis) What is there left to say about Megan Fox that hasn’t already been mentioned? She’s one SEXY little minx! Sultry. Seductive. Just look at those entrancing, “bad girl” eyes and that set of pillowy, well-hydrated lips! A few years from now when Angelina Jolie is wrinkled and well-worn (motherhood and malnutrition WILL eventually take their toll), it’s pretty safe to assume that us guys will have no problem crowning her as the “sexiest woman alive”.

According to one of my most reliable scoopers, it appears that the Transformers uber-hottie has been cast as the lead in the upcoming Michael Bay produced horror/thriller Half to Death. Set up for production at Rogue Pictures with Finnish director Antti Jokinen attached to tackle helming duties from a script written by former comic book penner Scott Lobdell, the film is being marketed as an unnerving mixture of Groundhog Day and the summer’s latest box-office bomb, Captivity. An official synopsis follows:

“A young college freshman named Teresa is troubled by when she discovers she is living the same day over and over again, one that starts out innocently enough but always ends with her brutal murder by an unknown attacker. Could the murdered be her boyfriend Gregory, who is also sleeping with Teresa’s roommate Lori? Or could it be Lori, who is ferociously envious that Gregory might like Teresa more? Maybe it is one of Teresa’s classmates, unable to get her attention? Perhaps one of her professors, who cannot consummate their passion for their top student? Or perhaps it’s some secret Skull Bones-type society, who picked Teresa for no good reason to be their ritualistic sacrifice?”

Sounds like a good mind screw, huh? On the contrary, I wouldn’t mind screwing —

Half to Death is scheduled to begin shooting in mid-September. Expect a late 2008 release date on this one, guys.

— mmmmmmmm…Megan Fox…