Megan Fox Replacing Rose McGowan as Red Sonja?

Red Sonja Movie PosterSheesh, and after they cooked up all those photoshop teaser posters of Rose McGowan as Red Sonja and everything? This is kind of odd, especially in light of McGowan’s recent casting in the new “Conan” movie. Conan, of course, takes place in the same universe as Red Sonja, so you would think — well, I don’t know what you would think, but it’s ironic that after all the campaigning McGowan has been doing to get a “Red Sonja” movie off the ground, she could get this close (the same fictional universe and everything) and still end up losing the movie?

Well that’s the word from Pajiba, whose source tells them that McGowan is out as Red Sonja, and that Millennium Films has scrapped the film they’ve been development with an eye towards a whole new approach, which means no script, new writer, and new director. And oh yeah, new star, too. The biggest change, of course, is that Millennium has made an offer to Megan Fox to replace McGowan in the role.

Megan Fox as Red Sonja. What do you think?

Megan Fox as Red Sonja