Megan Fox Talks Jonah Hex, Buffy Rumors Debunked

I thought she might have been playing a fellow bounty hunter of the film’s scarred badass who moonlights as a saloon girl in “Jonah Hex”, but according to Megan Fox herself, she’ll just be a plain ol saloon girl prostitute who happens to pack some heat, and can throw down when required. My guess is that she gets to shoot some rowdy patron in the nuts, cause that would be something Hollywood would think is “liberating” or some such.

Fox told MTV this about her character in “Jonah Hex”:

“They’ve changed her name a couple of times — it’s Leila now,” Fox explained. “She is a prostitute. She’s a good ol’ working girl, and she’s a love-interest to Jonah… of sorts. I mean, it’s by no means a classic type of relationship.”

“She wasn’t really featured in the comics,” Fox said of her character. “Her name was initially Liala, and now they changed it — or it was Layla, and now they changed it to Leila. … All the women in the movie are prostitutes. … [I’m] sort of a tough, no-nonsense prostitute. Like, she’ll shoot you in the head if she has to. And she does!”

She later says that she doesn’t really shoot anyone in the head. What a tease. For more Megan Fox wisdom, check out her interview in Entertainment Weekly, where Megan Fox demonstrates her ability to use the word “shit” in as many sentences as possible, probably cause she’s 23 and she thinks that’s edgy. Sorta like getting a big honkin’ tattoo of Marilyn Monroe’s face on her arm.

Meanwhile, the notorious Roy Lee debunks the recent casting rumor that Fox was being considered for the lead in his “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” reboot. The remake maniac tells IGN:

“The rumors of Megan Fox being involved with Buffy are just rumors. As with any film project with a female lead under the age of 30, Megan is the actress that most studios want so it is no surprise her name is mentioned. While I think she would be great for our project, we are still in the early stages of developing the script.”

I’m sure the offer will go to Fox sooner or later despite what Lee says. And I’m sure she’ll turn it down in favor of something else. Per the EW interview, it sure doesn’t sound like Fox wants to do anymore slam-bang action movie, and seems content to do the “Transformers” one just because, well, she owes that movie for pretty much all of her fame at the moment.

Below: Fox goes to work…