Megan Fox to Slay Boys in Jennifer’s Body

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To be honest with you, I’m still not sure if Megan Fox can act. The only film I’ve ever seen her in is “Transformers”, and let’s admit it, that film didn’t exactly need her to act. I guess we’ll find out if the foxy Megan Fox can act when she headlines the horror-comedy “Jennifer’s Body”, which is being described as a “comedic supernatural thriller”. The film will be working from a spec script by Diablo Cody (“Juno”), and will be produced by Fox Atomic. Later, Fox will also be plying her comedic talents in “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People,” the adaptation of the Toby Young memoir starring Simon Pegg and Jeff Bridges.

“Jennifer’s Body,” described as similar in tone to “Heathers” and “Beetlejuice,” follows a cheerleader with a perfect life who becomes the girl from hell when she gets possessed and begins killing boys in a small town. Her best friend must then find a way to stop her.

Megan Fox is a beautiful girl, but she’s got to lay off those obscene tattoos she’s got stenciled all across her body. Seriously, whoever told her tattooing quotes on your body was a good thing needs to be shot.

Megan Fox to Slay Boys in Jennifer’s Body


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