Megan Fox to Star in Fathom, Jonah Hex

Comic book geeks don’t need more reasons to have naughty dreams about Megan Fox, but they’ve just gotten it anyway. The “Transformers” star is in negotiations to join the DC comic book Western “Jonah Hex”, and has been announced as the star of the live-action adaptation of the late Michael Turner’s “Fathom” comic books, about a really, really hot woman who swims around in barely-there bikinis. God bless you, Michael Turner.

More about Fox’s characters in both “Jonah Hex” and “Fathom” (pictured, right) via:

In “Hex,” Fox will play Leila, a gun-wielding beauty and love interest of Hex (Brolin), a scarred bounty hunter tracking a voodoo practitioner (Malkovich) who wants to raise an army of undead to liberate the South. The movie is preparing for a shoot in April, with Jimmy Hayward directing.

“Fathom,” a comic created by recently deceased artist Michael Turner, follows a young woman named Aspen who learns she is a member of a race of aquatic humanoids who possess the ability to control water. Fox, a fan of the comic since its 1998 debut, will receive a producer credit, as will her former fiance Brian Austin Green.

Variety has a bit more on Fox’s “Fathom” role:

Fox would play Aspen Matthews, who was found abandoned on a ship and is adopted by a military man. She becomes a champion swimmer and marine biologist who comes of age realizing she has water-based powers and is part of an underwater race.

And did I mention that Aspen spends a lot of time swimming around the ocean in a bikini? Okay, maybe she doesn’t always do that, but that’s what it seemed like from the issue or two of the comic book I picked up. Purely for the stories, of course. The bikini-clad covers had nothing to do with it. Honest.