Megan Fox Wants the Carrie Remake

See, this is why very smart actors like Jeremy Renner and Sam Worthington sign up for anything and everything when they find themselves suddenly smoking hot in Hollywood. You never know when that fire is going to get extinguished, and Hollywood is nothing if it’s not fickle and easily distracted by the newest pretty face. Just ask Megan Fox.

Wasn’t it just a few years ago that Fox was the talk of the town? She was up for every role, and had pretty much her pick of what movies she wanted to do. She could say anything, regardless of how stupid it sounded, and people didn’t really mind because, well, she was Megan Fox, and damn, Megan Fox was IT. “Was”, anyway. Nowadays, Fox can’t even generate heat for a movie where she appears in wearing nothing but panties and fake CG wings. (That movie would be “Passion Play”, FYI.)

But hey, maybe a role as a tortured teen with psychic powers can lift our former “It” girl back up? According to Showbiz Spy (h/t STYD), Fox has “told her people to make it happen”. “It” being the role of Carrie in the upcoming/just-announced remake by MGM and Screen Gems, that is.

Fox is currently 25, but cover up those God ugly tattoos she’s ruined herself with (that Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her arm is just beyond hideous), and she could easily play a teenager. Of course, the filmmakers will have to work overtime to make her “homely”, and I’m not sure any amount of make-up can unpout those pouty lips. Let’s face it, the girl just exudes sex appeal. She’ll have to “Monster” herself up pretty hardcore to pass for an “average” teenage girl.

Of course, Fox publicly stating that she wants the role is what a good publicist does for their client. You “float” the idea and hope the studio hears it and grabs onto it. It usually doesn’t happen, but hey, Fox’s “people” are only doing what she pays them. Still, the idea of Megan Fox as Carrie is, if nothing, kind of intriguing.

"But seriously. Does my make-up look alright?"