Megan Fox’s People Issues Press Release to Save her Career

Apparently being really, really hot doesn’t mean you can do and say anything you want without consequence. Go figure. Not all that long ago, Megan Fox recently wished all of Middle America was murdered because they don’t hold the same views as she does on gay marriage; then the lovely “Transformers” star began a series of scorched Earth interviews where she laid into the “Transformers” movies and Michael Bay. EW chronicles the whole thing here.

So, what’s the latest word on our favorite mouthy hottie? Someone in Megan Fox’s camp has issued this statement and attributed it to her. Obviously, she didn’t write it herself, and I’m inclined to believe she didn’t even read it.

“I have spoken with the parties involved privately,” Fox said in a statement, via her publicist. “I am very fortunate to be involved in this amazing franchise and look forward to Transformers 3.”

Megan Fox does not go around saying, “I have spoken with the parties involved privately”. Megan Fox goes around saying, “I talked to those dicks, and screw’em, I wanna have sex with girls!” Etc. You know, outrageous stuff that she believes makes her look cool and difference than all the other pretty girls in Hollywood, cause Megan Fox ain’t conformin’ to your rules, man!

Word is, Megan Fox’s appearance on the September 26th episode of Saturday Night Live will include a skit involving Fox and Michael Bay on the set of “Transformers”, where Fox will act like a spoiled biotch while Bay gets all Hitler-like.

That “Transformers 3” set is gonna be fuuuuuuuuuuuuun…

B-b-but I'm hot! Why do people keep listening to what I say?

B-b-but I'm hot! Why do people keep listening to what I say?