Megan Fox’s Replacement in TF3: The Pretty British Girl vs. the Hot Supermodels


Granted, Michael Bay’s “Transformers 3″ is not exactly going to be the height of acting showcase no matter how you slice it (Giant friggin robots fighting, folks. That’s what the franchise is about.) But in less than a day after news broke that Megan Fox will not be reprising her hot chick in hot pants role (I forgot the character’s name; she did have one, right?) in the third “Transformers” movie, some names have surfaced as possible replacements, including British lass of the hour, Gemma Arterton (above), who The Wrap claims has met with Bay and is currently the frontrunner to land the female lead.

Meanwhile, there are other names being bandied about, including three supermodels: Bar Refaeli, Miranda Kerr and Brooklyn Decker. I have no idea if any of these ladies can act, but honestly, the role doesn’t exactly require a whole lot of acting chops, and a pretty face (and God-given hot bod) is certainly not going to disqualify them one bit.

So there you have it, folks: as of right now, the popular choices going around the Interwebs to replace Megan Fox in “Transformers 3″ is either Gemma Arterton, a pretty enough British actress who can act, and three supermodels, including one Israeli, one Australian, and one American who may or may not be able to act their way out of a wet paper bag.

Being a warm-blooded American patriot, I’m rooting for the American supermodel. Plus, Brooklyn Decker (below) just sounds like a badass name for a character in a movie about giant fighting robots from outer space. As such, they could even just use her real name in the movie. That’s, like, two pluses right there, right?

Meanwhile, in sour grapes news, Megan Fox’s people has released a statement that says it was she who walked away from “Transformers 3″. Yeah, Megan, that and two bucks will get you a free trip to my basement. My parents aren’t home on Tuesdays.

Brooklyn Decker in Battleship (2012) Movie Image

But hey, I want to be fair. Here’s Miranda Kerr (first pic below) and Bar Refaeli (second pic) to make their claims for the role:

Miranda Kerr

Bar Refaeli

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    As good as they look, i don't want the models. Gemma Arterton is gorgeous too and can act so she'd work, but what about the other “Clash of the Titans” beauty, who already played a bit of a bad girl, Alexa Davalos. She looks more like Fox, and has a smokin body too. And she can act.

  • thestrongestthereis

    Just kill the character in a flashback and move on. Love interest in movies like this only take up screen time. None of them are sexier than optimus prime hahaha jk. But im not kidding as far as this movie goes. Keep Lebouf involved and lose the wheel. If i want to see a pretty face getting sweaty ill go to a porn site.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    LOL Awesome!
    YO TSTI I was just thinking about you! And Ulik too. Mentioned you guys in the GL/Star Saphire post.

    But you are absolutely correct sir. No more Mikayla. She was useless until the end of the 2nd movie, and was just eye candy in the first.

  • george

    Brooklyn is by far the hottest one among them.
    In her case: 1. She won't have to act (talk), 2. That means more Robot-time involved
    The rest of them have silly faces and I don't think they match as Sam's love interest.
    Personally though, I wouldn't get a “new Megan”. I agree with the suggestion to “kill” her and move on, plus Sam will get more serious an bad-ass than the cry-baby (and pu***-whipped) he was!

  • Kayla

    Megan fox is better why are the going to changer are are so stupird!!
    Ugh she is the reson people watch transformers

  • Kayla

    Megan fox is better why are the going to changer are are so stupird!!
    Ugh she is the reson people watch transformers