Mel Gibson and Leonardo DiCaprio Get Their Viking On

Call him crazy if you want (no, please, don’t), but Mel Gibson loves him some grungy period storytelling. His latest, which he will also direct, will be set during the time of the Vikings, and he’s already landed his star in Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie doesn’t currently have a title or even a concrete plot, except that it will be a “period drama set in the world of Viking culture”. William Monahan, who wrote “The Departed” and the Gibson cop movie “Edge of Darkness”, will pen the flick, while Graham King, who produced both “Departed” and “Darkness”, will be doing producing duties on this one as well.

“This will be an awe-inspiring story, created with some of the industry’s finest cinematic talent and I am just over the moon to be making this film with Mel, Leo and Bill,” King said in a statement after the principals confirmed the project to Daily Variety.

This will be the first time that Gibson and DiCaprio work together, though DiCaprio is said to be a fan of all things Viking for a while now. The story is described as being as “unsparing” as Gibson’s other films, “Braveheart”, “Apocalypto”, and “The Passion of the Christ”. I take that to mean lots and lots of bloodletting and grungy people with sharp weapons taking runs at each other. Oh my.

Now add in huge ass Viking swords, axes, maces, and horns into that mix, and we got ourselves a must-see for whenever they finally get together to make this thing.