Mel Gibson is at the Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson has finally decided to take a hiatus from acting nuts and blaming Jewish people for the problems of the world to headline his first major movie since 2002’s Vietnam War movie “We Were Soldiers”. The “Apocalypto” and “The Passion of the Christ” director has signed on to star in Martin Campbell’s “Edge of Darkness”, a big-screen remake of the British TV mini-series of the same name, that Campbell also directed, and has brought over across the pond to be remade. Basically, the guys responsible for the mini-series wants to remake it, which basically means we are not allowed to bitch about Hollywood remaking it. Blast.

Variety reports that “The Departed” writer William Monahan has re-written the script completely for new producer Graham King.

Gibson will play a straitlaced police investigator whose activist daughter is killed. He plunges into the case and uncovers systemic corruption that led to his daughter’s death.

Sounds like something Gibson is great at — the tortured human being with too many emotional baggage to list. Should be fun times. Well, you know, not fun fun, but fun as in, a well made movie across the board.

Wow, remember the days when people didn’t say “Mel Gibson” without having to immediately mention his anti-semantic DUI rant?

Edge of Darkness