Mel Gibson is Colonel Sanders in KFC: The Movie

From the producers of “Braveheart” and “Step Up 2: The Streets” comes the true story behind the KFC food chain. Ever wondered how Colonel Sanders came to possess that secret chicken recipe of his? Or why he decided to go into killing chickens for food? Well wonder no more, because this movie answers all those questions.

Starring Mel Gibson, Jimmy Kimmel, and that Captain who saved those people from that plane crash in New York that’s been all over the news. You know, Captain something or rather. Anyhoo. Here’s the trailer for “The Colonel”. Not coming to a screen near you anytime soon.

Yes, it’s a spoof trailer via the Jimmy Kimmel Show that was shown after the Oscars. It’s not real. I repeat, it’s not real. Then again, you would have to be kind of an idiot to think this is real. And is it me, or does this actually look about a thousand times funnier than those spoof movies that have been hitting the multiplexes lately?