Mel Gibson Puts the Kibosh on a Mad Max 4 Appearance

I’ll say it again: the idea of a “Mad Max” movie without any sort of involvement from Mel Gibson whatsoever just ain’t right. It’s like a “Mad Max” movie without any sort of involvement whatsoever from George Miller. What’s the point? A little ways back, there were rumors that Mel might be involved in “Fury Road” in some way, but this latest news from Dark Horizons would seem to put the kibosh on that idea once and for all. While doing promo rounds for his new revenge-thriller “Edge of Darkness”, Mel was asked about any upcoming “Fury Road” appearance. Here’s his response.

“No, not at all. We’ve talked about it. We said – “Hey, how you doing.” You know, we’ve cleared it. It’s no biggie. No biggie. It’s his franchise. It’s his to do with as he wishes and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Good luck to him. I mean, I think he’s a genius. Everything he does, everything he turns his hand to, is somehow, extraordinary. So, I can’t wait to see what he does with it.”

Of course, Gibson has been known to be quite the kidder, so maybe he’s lying. It’s possible, but probably not likely. Looks like George Miller really is ready to move on without Mel.

So I was sayin', I was sayin -- hey, George, wait up! Geoooorge!!!!!!!!