Mel Gibson Talks to Puppets

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mel-gibson-beardAnybody who has seen Mel Gibson’s portrayal as Colonel Sanders knew that a movie about a depressed man who takes solace in the company of a beaver sock puppet was only the next logical step for his career (personally, Colonel Sanders was the way in which I expected his mind to go, not the puppet). The movie, which is simply titled “The Beaver”, is being directed by Jodie Foster, who hasn’t directed a film since 1995’s “Home For the Holidays”.

That much has been known for months, but finally there is an image that conjugally fits together with all of the strange possibilities that the movie could have possibly engendered in one’s mind. You can see one picture below, but Splash News has sixteen others, most of which are variations of the same basic thing, proving once again that Mel Gibson is the most unpredictable man in Hollywood. I only wonder, why not woodchucks? Or gophers?

Mel Gibson finally loses his mind

Mel Gibson finally loses his mind

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