Memorial Day Movie Recommendation: Band of Brothers

What’s there to say except this: if you’ve never seen HBO’s 10-part mini-series “Band of Brothers” from 2001, then you just don’t appreciate good moviemaking. Bar none the best and most exhaustive portrait of America’s fighting men at war through the eyes of a single company, the series introduces the men of Easy Company as they go through basic training to finally landing in the war theater — and dropped behind enemy lines by accident.

Each episode features the actual veterans being portrayed in the film as they recount their tale of blood, woe, and in some cases, exhilaration as young men grew up with bullets flying over their heads. A great, starring turn by Damian Lewis as the emphatic C.O. who grows to love the men, and they him, while Matthew Settle as Speirs, a seemingly invincible, but reckless C.O. steals the show whenever he’s given more than a couple of minutes to breathe.

Produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks (who also directs one of the episodes), “Band of Brothers” is based on the non-fiction book by Stephen E. Ambrose.

On this Memorial Day, if you’ve never seen it, go out now and buy yourself a copy of “Band of Brothers”. Or make an effort to catch it on TV. The History Channel reruns it in its entirety quite often. You can read our review of the entire 10-part mini-series, episode by episode, here.


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