Men in Black 3, in 3D, Set for 2012

He makes sequels look good. Now he’s gonna make it look good in 3D. Yup, Columbia Pictures has set a date for “Men in Black 3”, with all the original participants back — Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in front of the camera as super sleuth alien-busting men in black J and K, and Barry Sonnenfeld behind the camera once more. They’ll be working off a script by “Tropic Thunder’s” Etan Cohen and David Koepp.

Obviously the first thing Columbia needed was to get Smith back on board, since a “Men in Black” movie without Smith is kind of pointless. Although it was touch and go there for a while, Smith has since signed on for, no doubt, a huge helping of back-end deals.

Tommy Lee Jones, meanwhile, is still in negotiations, though I doubt if he’ll turn down the offer. Even Tommy Lee Jones has a couple of mortgages to pay, right? In any case, it’s not like he’ll be doing all the work onscreen, as according to THR, the plot of “Men in Black 3” will feature not just Jones as K, but rumor has Josh Brolin also playing a younger version of K. Wonder how they’re going to pull that off?

Despite what many consider less than spectacular CGI (okay, sometimes the CGI were pretty shitty in a “Men in Black” film, a shocker given the star power and Hollywood budget), the 1997 original made $589 million worldwide, and the sequel, in 2002, added $442 million.

Schedule your calendars for May 25, 2012.

'Making mad money off worn-out sequels, Big Willy Style!'