Men in Black 3 Plot Details: Time Travel, Josh Brolin as a 26-year Old

The boys at Joblo recently got some inside dish on the upcoming “Men in Black 3”, the film that will make a gazillion dollars even if it ends up sucking, or if it’s like the first two, is just … eh. Let’s face it, the “MIB” franchise has never been especially excellent cinema; at its best it’s been decent, but at its worst it’s been irrelevant and forgettable. The third film would seem to follow in that trend. Read on below, but turn back now if you are SPOILER-PHOBIC.

– The film will indeed involve time travel, with Agent Jay (Will Smith) traveling back to 1969 to save a 26-year old Agent Kay (to be played by the 42-year old Josh Brolin). How does time travel work in the MIB-verse? By way of an iPhone app, apparently.

– The film’s main bad guy is Yaz (“Flight of the Conchord’s” Jemaine Clement), described as a demon hellspawn/biker. Yaz has time traveled backwards to kill Kay, thus resulting in the end of the world as we know it. Jay has to reverse that.

– Will Smith does some predictable “I’m a black man in 1969!” jokes, we find out a bunch more celebrities are actually aliens (Andy Warhol among them), and I suspect much stuff blows up, shockingly substandard special effects flashes across the screen, and goofiness is had by all.

And so it looks like all that effort to get Tommy Lee Jones back into the sequel is what will probably amount to an extended cameo, since Brolin will be playing Kay for most of the film alongside Smith’s Jay.

Barry Sonnenfeld will return to direct the third installment. He’s directed the previous two.

'I can so play a 26-year old. Anyone says otherwise gets a bullet to the face. MIB, biotch!'