Men Who Turn Into Goats: Bovidaen Madness Awaits Those Who Hear The Ghost Tales

I really don’t know what this movie is about, but apparently it has something to do with a guy who turns into a goat. Did you hear me? A GUY WHO TURNS INTO A GOAT. I know this concept was covered in director Jonathan King’s enjoyable horror/comedy “Black Sheep”, but I think this one is being played straight. Could be a freaking godsend, could be utter rubbish — I guess we’ll just have to play the waiting game. My theory: Therianthropy equals excellence.

If you love a lengthy synopsis, you’re gonna love this:

After being discharged from the army, Chuan brings a lost goat home as no one claims it. On his way to the station, the goat starts talking and tells him an ancient Chinese ghost story… Yet, Chuan finds himself on a train. He tells the young girl beside him about this bizarre dream. The girl seems uninterested in his accosting. But when she sees that Chuan has a goat with him on the platform, she laughs. Because of this incident, they become a couple. One day, Chuan’s younger sister, Qi, is playing around with little stones near unidentified urns. Qi starts hearing strange sounds, asking her to give the stones back. However, the siblings don’t take this seriously. On a routine workday, Chuan accidentally discovers an invaluable bonsai being treated like trash at a millionaire’s mansion. To possess the bonsai, he undergoes several challenges. Yet, trimming is needed before the bonsai can be sold at a high price. He is hence entangled deeply in the intricate mysteries and eventually causes him a deadly setback. Meanwhile, Qi is scared by the calls for the stones so she puts some other stones near the urns. At night, the ghost calls out in anger. Qi is terrified and clears out all items from the house to avoid the sounds. In the nearly empty apartment, when the siblings are making tea, Chuan teases, “if this ghost can turn the sound of boiling water into “Give me back my stone”, I will fight the ghost myself for you”. After a brief pause, it’s Qi who suddenly starts to mumbles “Give me back my stone …” Chuan, understanding what is going on, goes finding a baseball bat and walks toward Qi…Yet, the most unexpected twist is about to be revealed by the goat which Chuan has brought back home, because it starts talking again.

“The Ghost Tales” opens in Taiwan this July. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone seems the inherent genius of this flick and gives it a Stateside release sometime soon. That… would be awesome. The trailers for the flick reside below.

Via : 24 Frames Per Second