Mendes and Logan’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-esque TV Show Lands at Showtime

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We reported on this collaboration between “Skyfall” duo Sam Mendes and John Logan last year. 2013 brings news that the duo’s proposed “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”-esque TV series has landed at Showtime with what looks like a full season order.

The show will be called “Penny Dreadful”, which is quite a dreadful title, though the premise more than makes up for it:

The series draws from famous works of literature, posing that some of the most terrifying protagonists — Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, Dorian Gray, Dracula’s Van Helsing and more — come together in Victorian London.

And why would they be “coming together”? It was previously reported that the legendary characters would be battling supernatural enemies — including vampires.

Sam Mendes“Penny Dreadful” is being described by the premium cable network as a “psychosexual horror” (it’s a good thing it’s on Showtime, then), and is expected to start shooting later this year on location in London for a 2014 premiere date.

Logan and Mendes, of course, previously worked together on the global hit “Skyfall”, in which Logan wrote and Mendes directed. “Penny Dreadful” is really the creation of Logan, though since he’s sticking around as producer, my guess is that Mendes (right) will provide the obligatory direction for the pilot episode. That’s usually how it works with feature film directors who decide to dip their toes in TV show producing.

Via : THR