Menstruation Witchcraft Await Those Who Investigate The Cases

Like it or not, sometimes you get what you asked for. Not too long ago — yesterday, to be exact — I was a little confused by the trailer for “The Cases”, a horror flick straight outta mainland China. Today, the fantastic individuals over at 24 Frames per Second got their hands on an international trailer, one that comes equipped with English subtitles. Let’s just say that I now thoroughly understand why this one received a CAT III rating, and it has something to do with the sentence, “Just to put the menses directly into the master’s meal.” Mystery of the blurry stick has been solved. Yikes.

If you’re still with me, you may need this synopsis:

Edmond Poon, a renowned Hong Kong DJ hosts a psychic programs, supported by the meta physical masters and warlocks from Southeast Asia who acts as advisors, leads a psychic exploring team to scout for little-known mysterious and supernatural cases or strange customs including Soul-grabbing Witchcraft, Menstruation Witchcraft, Headless Horseman, Suicide Curses and a Secret Organization know only as “Shadow Team,” to name a few. Many precious clips are uncovered for the first time providing gruesome viewing experience, and hints to what exactly ultimately caused the teams demise.

“The Cases” is supposed to open tomorrow (May 31st, 2012) in China. The English-subtitled international trailer has been embedded below. Remember this: Just to put the menses directly into the master’s meal.