Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Limited Edition PS3 Review

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This game has been teased since 2009, and after developer changes and creator Hideo Kojima bashing his own creative team, “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” has been released. Was it worth the wait? Is the game a worthy successor to the “Metal Gear” Legacy?? Was the Limited Edition worth the extra $100??? Unlike my “Aliens: Colonial Marines” review, I will go into the game itself more, PLUS the goodies you get with the Limited Edition.


The Extras

Now I know the pic makes the extras look skimpy…but read on…

Additional DLC: You get an extra skin for Raiden, exclusive to this edition as far as I can tell: The Cyborg Ninja Skin (Which is different than the Day 1 DLC MGS 4 skin)

Art Book:  You get an awesome 32 page Art Book (It is softcover, which is flimsy..but the art is awesome!)

Game Soundtrack:  You receive a 32 track CD soundtrack, IT IS NOT one that is available on amazon and other outlets, it is strictly instrumental score from the game…no vocal tracks.

Raiden’s Sword:  MGR: R Plasma Lamp:  Now this is the goody that EVERYONE wanted.  And after hearing the news about MOST of these being broken when shipped, I was worried.  I received my package release day and everything was perfect.  The Lamp is beautiful when lit and has a “Plasma” setting and a “Light Up” setting.  Both are pretty frickin’ SWEET!

Steelbook Case: The Limited Edition also comes with a sleek Steelbook case that holds BOTH the game disc and the soundtrack disc.  I recommend using this case, other than it being awesome-looking, the default plastic case that holds both discs is somewhat flimsy and looks like it will break if dropped.  Extras Score:  A-  (only thing that would of made it better is a Raiden statue to make the package a great value for the price point)


The Game

Ok….the biggest complaint before the game even came out by the general MG fan base: “It won’t be a  Metal Gear game without Snake!” and overall, this game has the “feel” of a “Metal Gear” game, even though it doesn’t have stealth mission on top of stealth mission, but that isn’t the determining factor for me.  Political intrigue, a strong story, engaging characters, emotional storytelling, that is what makes a “Metal Gear” game, to me anyway.  Overall, the game is extremely fun, especially if you like hack and slash (with an emphasis on SLASH).  The game is a techno junkies dream, with almost every character fitted in some sort of Tony Stark Meets General Patton tech.  The game also plays more like an anime than the previous games….but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, given you are playing Raiden, and not Snake.  I really only have a couple of complaints about this game.

1) The game is short…REALLY short (around 7 hours minus cut scenes) this is almost unacceptable for a MG game, BUT the 7 hours is a very fulling and fun 7 hours.

2) I am not big on the J-Metal soundtrack of the game (I LOVED the cinematic score of MGS 2, 3, and 4 by Harry Gregson-Williams) but again, it’s Raiden, not Snake.

3) There is a STEEP curve between the default difficulty and the “Revengeance” difficulty…almost thumb blistering, MIND NUMBINGLY so.

Overall, if you are a fan of the series for it’s length and drawn out narrative (basically wanting a 100+ hour game experience) this may not be for you.  BUT if you like the series for it’s look and feel and wasn’t a fan of stealth upon stealth missions…you’ll LOVE IT!  I am somewhere in the middle, not disappointing but want more.. Game Score: B +


The Overall Package

Was this Limited Edition worth the extra bucks??  In my opinion, HELL YES!  The lamp alone is worth the extra cash, but throw in the soundtrack, steelbook, and art book and you get your money’s worth.  BUT I am a die hard MG fan, so I would say this Limited Edition is for fans only.  The game itself is worth it’s $60 tag, I have paid less for worse games and felt fulfilled in my purchase (It’s no Thor: God of Thunder, which by the way isn’t worth .60!) And even if you aren’t a fan of MG, and love 3rd person action games, this is your cup of tea, well in this games case, your bucket of blood and oil.  Until next time, (which will be later this week when I review Crysis 3 and then soon after with God of War Ascension and Tomb Raider)…GAME ON!

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Game Cover