Meyer To Release New Twilight Novella…For Free!

Yes, that’s right, Stephenie Mayer is releasing yet another book for fan girls to scream over. Now you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “OMG OMG! Edward, Jacob, rock hard abs, vampires, werewolves and glitter!” or, at the very least, “WTF? What does this have to do with movies?” and I’d like to clarify that this doesn’t actually change  anything in the upcoming Eclipse film. It does, however, provide a background story for Bree Tanner, a minor vampire who is set to to be portrayed by Jodelle Ferland in the film.

Meyer began working on the story back in 2005, and later tried adding it The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide but eventually decided to turn it into its own stand-alone novella as it became too long for the guide. Wait, what? A guide and a backstory novella? It almost seems like she’s giving us extra homework before the film comes out. The story will be released June 5th as a hard copy book but it will also be available, for free, from

According to Empire, producers of the Eclipse film have already been handed copies of the transcript so they can add some more depth to Bree’s character (A Twilight character with depth? I’d like to see that…). So who is this Bree Tanner character and why does she deserve her own story? Apparently she plays a minor role in Victoria’s army. Unfortunately, that’s all I know about her, I haven’t read Eclipse because I’m a man.