MGM and Screen Gems Remaking Stephen King’s Carrie

Stephen King is in again, which means it was only a matter of time before studios started raiding his vault. I’m frankly surprise no one has thought to remake “Carrie” until now. The main theme of the story — an outsider bullied at school can’t stand it any longer — would seem to make great fodder.

And apparently MGM and Screen Gems agrees, because they’re remaking “Carrie”.

But how exactly are they going to surprise anyone when pretty much anyone with even a passing knowledge of movies knows how the original “Carrie” ended? After all, it was the ending that really sold the film, and not anything that came before. It was the ENDING that everyone remembers.

Actually, it’s pretty simple: they’re counting on the fact that moviegoing kids nowadays can’t recall anything that happens more than 10 years previously. If you doubt me, let me remind you of all those teens on Twitter who asked, “Who is Bin Laden?” when SEAL Team Six took down the Al-Qaeda leader a few weeks back. Imagine teenagers nowadays trying to remember a movie from 1976 when they can’t even remember a world-changing event like 9/11. Heaven forbid.

So yes, it makes perfect sense that MGM and Screen Gems have decided to remake “Carrie”, first made by Brian De Palma back in 1976. The original, based on the first published work of Stephen King, starred Sissy Spacek as a religious, shy girl who harbors a dark, deadly secret that comes out during the prom. School sucks, but her home life isn’t any better thanks to a fanatical religious mother.