MGM Sets Richard Matheson to Pen a New The Shrinking Man Movie

The Shrinking Man Book CoverOriginally adapted for the screen back in 1957 as “The Incredible Shrinking Man”, Richard Matheson’s 1956 book “The Shrinking Man” is getting back in the movie biz, with the famed author set to write the screenplay with his son, Richard Matheson Jr. for studio MGM.

The original film starred Grant Williams and Randy Stuart and followed Williams as a man who begins to shrink when he is accidentally exposed to a combination of radiation and insecticide. That’s probably not going to work in 2013, so the story will be updated in a way that will, we’re told, “reflect advancements such as nanotechnology.”

In fact, Matheson calls the film “an existential action movie”, which is quite the mouthful. Matheson’s works have been adapted for the screen before, including his most popular novel, “I am Legend”, which has been adapted a number of times, most recently in the Will Smith flick.

Eddie Murphy was actually set to star in a remake of “The Incredible Shrinking Man” at one point, playing a magician who gets shrunk because of a spell. That, obviously, had nothing whatsoever to do with Matheson’s book, and thank God it never happened.

It sounds like the Mathesons will be approaching this with a serious tone, though it’s interesting that this movie is heading into development at the same time as Marvel’s “Ant-Man” movie by Edgar Wright. Then again, considering just how long Wright’s film has been in “development”, it would be kind of ironic if “The Shrinking Man” arrives in theaters first.

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Via : THR