MGM is Raging Mad to Stop Production on Raging Bull 2

Raging Bull (1980) Movie PosterOh, the irony. Remake kings MGM is currently suing the producers of “Raging Bull 2” to stop production on the sequel, which is still shooting and recently released two official images. The irony, of course, is that MGM claims the sequel, which they have no part in, is attempting to “trade off the value” of the original “Raging Bull”, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro. This is the same MGM, mind you, that is, quite literally, going through their library of titles and methodically remaking every single one, hoping to trade off the value of their past glory.

Claiming breach of contract and four other counts, MGM put the legal gloves on today with Jake LaMotta and the producers of Raging Bull 2. In a 7-page complaint filed today against the 91-year old former boxer and RB II Productions, MGM wants the courts to order production on Raging Bull 2…

MGM alleges LaMotta had no right to allow RB II Productions the rights to his 1986 sequel book without first offering it to them. That comes from a 1976 agreement the boxer and co-author Peter Savage entered into with Chartoff-Winkler Productions. That agreement, which MGM is the successor-in-interest to, not only included his 1970 memoir but extended to any “owner-written sequel,” says the studio. MGM says that RB II has ignored the studio’s attempts to get them and LaMotta to comply with the 1976 agreement.

MGM wants to put the kibosh on the sequel and make sure it never sees the light of day, of course. Here’s hoping they fail miserably. Mind you, not that I feel like watching “Raging Bull 2”, but the irony of MGM finding it so objectionable that someone else dares to do what they’ve been doing — lazily trading off past glories — is just too awesome for words.

By the end of this decade, I suspect MGM will have remade every single title in their vault. It must really stick in their craw that “Raging Bull 2” is hoping to exploit the original, and they’re not getting a single cent from it. I suspect someone at MGM is kicking themselves right now that they decided to wait too long … to remake “Raging Bull”. (Oh, come on, we both know it’s coming, don’t we?)

Raging Bull 2 (2012) Movie Image

Via : Deadline