MIB 3 Nears $400 Million Worldwide, Proof that the World Still Loves to do it Big Willy Style

Men in Black 3 (2012) Movie PosterWill Smith’s latest Summer fare, “Men in Black 3” was a long time coming (his last movie was four years ago, 2008’s “Seven Pounds”, and you can a ridiculous series of production issues to that delay), but thanks to Smith’s bank account, that hasn’t translated into a wane in popularity. Apparently the world was waiting with bated breath to see what the former Fresh Prince had in store for them. Go figure.

After just two weeks of release, Smith’s “Men in Black 3”, his return to the action-comedy franchise that kicked off 15 years ago, is just a few million shy of surpassing $400 million worldwide. The bulk of that ($285 million) is coming from overseas box office, where the film continues to prove Smith’s popularity is not a thing of the past. He’s also still pretty popular at home, with $113 million Stateside so far.

“Men in Black 3” is poised to easily overtake “Men in Black 2”, which topped off at $441 million back in 2002, and depending on its legs in the next few weeks, could potentially also surpass the first movie, which took in $589 million in 1997. (All of this, of course, is not taking inflation into consideration. It has been ten years since the first sequel, after all.)

Despite its reported $225 million production budget, “Men in Black 3” should easily prove to be another hit in Will Smith’s resume, proving once again that a movie where Will Smith isn’t baiting Oscar voters and have monsters for him to punch, is gold at the box office. What can I say? People just loves watching Will Smith make “Aw hell no!” gags and punching ugly, squishy things.

Via : Box Office Mojo