MIB 3 Finally Overthrows The Avengers

Men in Black 3 (2012) Movie PosterIt took Big Willy and his trademark Memorial Day opening to finally knock “The Avengers” off their box office perch. In its fourth week of release, Joss Whedon’s superhero team-up was finally bested, falling to second place with another estimated $38 million over the weekend. “Men in Black 3”, the third film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (and this time joined by Josh Brolin as a younger version of Jones), opened in first place as expected with $55 million, though still taking in well below industry expectations.

Now in its fourth week, Marvel’s “The Avengers” has crossed $500 million so far in domestic box office ($513 million to be exact), and $1.29 billion worldwide. That puts it 4th on the list of All-Time Worldwide earners, just behind “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”. With only $33 million between it and “Potter”, there’s no stopping “The Avengers” from taking over third place by the end of next week. As for second or first, that’s pretty much a lost cause, with “Titanic’s” $2.185 billion well out of reach.

As for “Men in Black 3”, a decade after the second movie, the MIB prove they still have some muscle at the box office, albeit they’re not as strong as they used to be. Kicking “The Avengers” down to second place was an accomplishment, but the film’s $55 million for the weekend (and estimated $70 million, counting Memorial Day tomorrow), is still well under expectations, which had it making somewhere in the $85 million range. Still, it opened much better than the first movie, which debuted with $51 million on its way to $589 worldwide, while the second film did slightly better with $52 million on its way to $441 worldwide. Of course, that’s if you don’t factor in inflation. It has been over 10 years since “Men in Black 2”, after all, and over 15 years since the first movie.

The week’s other studio newcomer, the Oren Peli-produced/co-written “Chernobyl Diaries” opened in a disappointing 5th place with $8 million. Traditionally, these cheapo films wouldn’t need all that big of a box office opening to earn a profit, but these films cost way more to promote than to make despite their no-name cast and questionable narrative. It also opened in over 2,433 screens, but still lost out to “Battleship” (#3) and “The Dictator” (#4).

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