Michael B. Jordan Could Flame On in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four Reboot

Michael B. Jordan

No, not the retired basketball superstar. The actor. Michael B. Jordan. Although it would be cool to see former Bulls Michael Jordan playing a superhero onscreen. He’s basically a superhero on the basketball court already.

In any case, “Chronicle” star Michael B. Jordan could end up playing Johnny Storm in Josh Trank’s “Fantastic Four” reboot for Fox. If he does land the role, he would re-unite with Trank, who directed “Chronicle”, the film that gave both of them their big break (though Jordan has been around much, much longer).

The Fantastic Four Comic Book CoverAccording to TheWrap, this doesn’t really sound like anything concrete, just one of those, “we heard he took a meeting” sort of deal, or as the site puts it:

Jordan has had multiple meetings at Fox within the last week, and also has a good relationship with Trank. Jordan’s chances depend on whether or not he has chemistry with the other actors up for the highly-anticipated movie, according to one insider.

Jordan, who played Mr. Popular in “Chronicle”, would be a pretty convincing Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch, I think. He can do wise-ass pretty well, and The Human Torch was always more swagger than brains. That’s probably something Jordan could pull off onscreen very easily.

Of course, the fact that Johnny Storm and his sister Sue Storm are white not only in the comics, but in the two previous “Fantastic Four” movies will lead to some controversy. They could always make the siblings adopted, I suppose, especially with rumors that “Girls'” star Allison Williams is up for Sue Storm. I mean, they did once try to convince us Jessica Alba was a scientist. Wow. Talk about a whopper!

Curiously, although Fox has apparently not greenlit the film yet, the movie is already scheduled for a March 6, 2015 release date. I have absolutely no idea how that works. How do you schedule a movie with a release date when you haven’t even greenlit it yet? Oh, Hollywood, you’re so silly sometimes.

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