Michael Bay and Jason Statham Responds to Transformers Rumors

Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Director Michael Bay in Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) Movie Image

This week’s big news has been that Hasbro and Paramount are trying to hatch a deal to make “Transformers 4” and “5” back-to-back, with Michael Bay possibly returning to direct both installments, and Jason Statham possibly taking over the savior of humankind role from Shia LaBeouf. One thing’s for sure: “Transformers 4” and “5” (and beyond) will happen. $1 billion in box office for the last movie alone pretty much guarantees that.

But Michael Bay’s involvement, meanwhile, remains more in doubt. The director of awesomely explosive things recently spoke up about the rumors at his Shoot for the Edit forum:

I am currently not talking to Paramount on T4 and T5 despite reports. I’m looking at a lot of possibilities coming my way right now weighing options. Most likely going to be doing the low budget Pain and Gain, a true story crime thriller. It’s a very quick shoot and quite funny. Also just finishing the 3 disc set of the Transformer trilogy.

Jason StathamThen again, Michael Bay is the same guy who told us he would never, ever do his movies in 3D — before he did “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” in 3D. So, yeah, Michael Bay doesn’t always know what the hell he’s talking about until he ends up doing it.

As for Jason Statham, MTV was able to dig up a month-old interview with the actor about possibly taking over the “Transformers” leading man role. While The Stath claims he’s not been approached for the role yet (remember, this interview is over a month old), he did say he wouldn’t mind doing it:

You know, I don’t know how those things start. You read them. Someone told me about it. [But] the internet is a dangerous place. There’s a lot of stuff out there. I’ve got a lot of stuff in front of me, but Michael Bay is a talented man. This last one just made a billion dollars around the world, so people like his films. He’s a talented man.

Translation: “Are you kidding me? If they asked me, of course I’m going to front a franchise that recently just grossed $1 billion in worldwide box office. What are you, nuts?”

Via : MTV