Michael Bay is So Good, He Ripped Himself Off

Why did he do it? Cause he’s awesome, that’s why.

But hey, it’s his movie, so why can’t he re-use footage from it for another movie? I guess that’s my reaction to this sudden flurry of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” bashing, that detractors of the film have now resorted to digging up old copies of Bay’s films (in this case, “The Island”) and calling shenanigans on the director for re-using footage from two (yes, two) brief scene that runs, oh, I don’t know, a couple of seconds total. Yeah, if you really have to reach this far to justify your hatred for “DOTM”, you’re not trying very hard.

In any case, here are the two cases of Bay regurgitating Bay via “The Island” in “DOTM” (via IGN). Ooooh. Someone call the cops. Not. All I can say is, if this shocked the movie blogosophere, then the movie blogosphere have not seen nearly enough direct-to-DVD action movies and should probably get out more.

Fact is, if you were to troll through every movie ever made, you could probably find the exact same case of self-plundering by filmmakers, studios, and producers. It happens all the time. Relax, kids. I’m guessing there were some budget or time issues and he figured, “Why the hell not? It’s my movie.” Etc.

Update: Apparently there was a reason the scene was re-used. Someone on the YouTube page where the video was posted chimed in with this explanation:

The reason that this was done was because Gabriella Cedillo, an extra, was injured on set (while filming this exact scene). Bay needed the scene but they shut down filming in Indiana and Chicago after this happened, out of respect for Gabriella and her family…and they didn’t use the footage from filming the scene (the special effects were so huge that it was a one-time deal).

Knowing that, I would say that it was a pretty smart way to put that scene together.

Eh, I didn’t need an explanation, but this is as good as any, I suppose.