Michael Bay Likes to Blow Sh-t Up

You gotta love Michael Bay. I’m not in love with the guy or anything, but I dig his movies. Yes, even the Godawful “Bad Boys” films. As a movie watcher, you just gotta learn that not every movie requires the investment of, you know, deep thoughts. That’s Michael Bay’s movie in a nutshell. Best of all? Bay seems to realize it, too, and the fact that he sure likes to blow shit up in his movies is the premise of this Verizon Internet commercial (below). I’m telling you, anyone who can make fun of himself like this is just too cool to hate.

Plus, the man gave us “Transformers”. How the hell can you hate the man who gave us giant effin’ robots battling it out in a city street?

Answer, you can’t — unless you’re a really big douche and your only friend is your Criterion collection of Jean-Luc Godard films.

The extended commercial via, but originally noted here: