Michael Bay Says No to Transformers 2? Don’t Believe it.

One has to think that Michael Bay, as talented and whup-ass as he is when it comes to making movies about Giant F*cking Robots, just don’t “get” the Internet. Such as the notion that when you post something on your official site, people will take it as gospel, since, well, why shouldn’t they? YOU are posting it, after all, so why would you post something if you didn’t mean it? Take Bay’s verbal war with his “Transformers” producers a few months back, which Bay posted on his blog before pulling it when everyone and their momma started reporting it. Now it’s happened again. After Paramount announced that they will only release “Transformers” on HD-DVD and not Blu-Ray, Bay was in a fit.

He posted this on his blog’s message forum (via):

“I want people to see my movies in the best formats possible. For them to deny people who have Blu-ray sucks! They were progressive by having two formats. No Transformers 2 for me!”

You won’t be able to go to the original message forum posting, because it’s been flooded with visitors and the servers have crashed. But when the server comes back, you can be certain that the posting probably won’t be there anymore, or if it is still there, I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

Bay isn’t stupid. He isn’t going to say “No” to “Transformers 2” because of a DVD player war between sides that he doesn’t even have any interests in besides probably owning a Blu-Ray player himself.

“Transformers 2” is still coming in 2009, and Bay will still be directing.

To believe otherwise is retarded.

Update: 11:36 p.m.

As expected, Bay has taken down the original post and backtracked his statement. Here’s what he says now (via):

“Last night at dinner I was having dinner with three Blu-ray owners, they were pissed about no ‘Transformers’ Blu-ray and I drank the Kool-Aid hook, line and sinker. So at 1:30 in the morning I posted — nothing good ever comes out of early a.m. posts mind you — I overreacted. I heard where Paramount is coming from and the future of HD and players that will be close to the $200 mark which is the magic number. I like what I heard.

“As a director, I’m all about people seeing films in the best quality possible, and I saw and heard first-hand people upset about a corporate decision.

“So today I saw ‘300’ on HD, it rocks!

“So I think I might be back on to do Transformers 2!”

Well duh. I already told you that.