Michael Bay Talks Transformers Sequels

Michael Bay is not being very subtle about the possibility of some “Transformers” sequels. His answer to any questions regarding it is, “Let’s see how this one does”, which basically translates to: “If you guys go see this thing often enough, and it makes a buttload of money, then you’re damn skippy they (the studio) and I will be getting together again in 2009 (or thereabouts) to do a sequel or two.” I’m paraphrasing my made-up quote, of course. But that’s basically what it comes down to for those of you wondering if more giant f’in robots are coming your way.

Here’s what The Bay said when asked about the possible sequels by Entertainment Weekly (via):

How are you sitting with the idea of directing another Transformers movie?
Let’s see how this one does. I’ve got a lot of ideas for the next one. There’s a lot of really cool, big robot stuff that I had in my head that we didn’t do. I just want to see how this works. You might not grow as much as a director [to do a sequel]. But it’s kind of like you have your baby and you don’t want someone else to take it.

So, hypothetically, if you were to take on a Transformers sequel, would it be your next film?
I don’t know if it would be ready. It just takes so long to do a script. A couple things are on the horizon, but [maybe] I’ll do my little movie that I can knock out, because we all think we’re going to have a strike.

Sounds good to me.