Michael Ealy Joins Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: New Dawn

This is somewhat old news if you’ve been reading the site, since previously we posted some set images that already had Michael Ealy on the set of the latest “Underworld” movie, “New Dawn”. In any case, Ealy has been officially cast, and will be playing “a police detective who hunts the vampiress [that would be Kate Beckinsale’s Selene, returned from the dead — again] and ultimately teams up with her.”

Essentially, Ealy (“For Colored Girls”) is the franchise’s new male lead, now that they’ve unceremoniously ditched werewolf Michael (Scott Speedman) from the first two movies.

This is where I would normally give you a quick rundown of the plot for “New Dawn”, but Sony has been riding my ass about that, and pretty much anything on the movie, you’ll have to make due with the above.