Michael Keaton’s The Merry Gentleman Trailer, Images

Michael Keaton directs and stars in “The Merry Gentleman” as a hitman who gets a second chance when he accidentally stumbles into a cheery Scottish lass with a Christmas tree. Hey, happens to me all the time. Full trailer, images, and synopsis for the film below. The trailer has the Samuel Goldwyn stamp in front of it, so that means the movie has found a distributor, although no release dates have been announced as yet. Keaton is making his directorial debut with “The Merry Gentleman”.

Fleeing her abusive husband, Kate Frazier travels to Chicago to start a new life. But upon fatefully disrupting remorseful hitman Frank Logan’s suicide, she becomes intertwined in the lonely killer’s life and that of the sullen detective attempting to track him down.

Starring Michael Keaton, Kelly Macdonald, Tom Bastounes, and Bobby Cannavale, and directed by Michael Keaton.