Michael Mann Wants to Go Like Hell

Yeah, but will there be a daring daylight bank robbery and subsequent street shootout in this new movie? Well probably not, since it’s a racing flick based on a true story and what have you. Which is a shame. I still get shivers everytime I run across Michael Mann’s 1995 movie “Heat” on TV. Mostly, though, I just wait with bated breath for that 10 minute bank robbery/shootout scene towards the end.

Mann probably won’t be packing too much heat (if at all) in his latest movie, “Go Like Hell”, which the director is said to be “nearing a deal” to direct for Fox.

“Go Like Hell” would tell the true story of “the furious competition between Ford and Ferrari in 1966, when an American car won the Le Mans for the first time.” The film will be based on the book by A.J. Baime, and will follow “Henry Ford II — with the help of young automotive whiz Lee Iacocca and racing maven Carroll Shelby — as they set about reinventing the Ford Motor Co. by entering the high-stakes world of European car racing.”

Oooh, sounds exciting. Well, not really. Unless you’re really into cars and car history, I guess. Maybe one of the cars will end up getting involved in a heist that leads to a street shootout with Al Pacino? One can only hope.

Brad Pitt is currently the frontrunner to slip in behind the wheel for Mann.