Michael Mann’s Untitled Cyber Thriller Adds Wei Tang and Leehom Wang

Michael Mann

I don’t know if Michael Mann is playing it too cute with his new cyber thriller by not giving the trades a title, or if he’s just undecided about a title. I honestly don’t know how you could already be casting for a movie without a title. I mean, how long has this movie been casting? A couple of months now?

Anyways, Mann may not be willing to divulge the title of his new movie (universes might explode or some such), but he is adding plenty of new castmembers to it. You can now add Chinese actors Wei Tang and Leehom Wang (the duo previously co-starred together on Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution”) to the cast, which already includes Chris Hemsworth in the lead, with Viola Davis also previously attached in an unspecified role.

The untitled thriller is being described as “being in the vein of Mann’s crime movies Heat and Thief but with a technology angle, focusing on cyber-theft and cyber-attacks.”

Mann co-wrote the script with Morgan Foehl, and will direct for Legendary Pictures.

Wei and Wang will play siblings in the Internationally-flavored film (it’s set to shoot in Los Angeles and Hong Kong), with Wei playing Hemsworth’s love interest.

The film will hack away this June.

Tang Wei and Leehom Wang in Lust Caution (2007) Movie Image

Via : Heat Vision