Michael Moore’s Slacker Uprising is Free — Unless you’re a Stinking Foreigner

Last month, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore made a big deal about putting his latest movie, “Slacker Uprising” on the Internet for all to see and download, or as he puts it, “a gift to my fans”. I didn’t make a post on it because, well, the doc took place in 2004, and is about Moore going around the U.S. trying to get young people on college campuses everywhere to sign up and vote George Bush and his warmongering ways out of office. As it turns out, it was all for naught, and Dubya was once again elected — with the majority of the popular votes, no less. Basically, Michael Moore went on a crusade to stop George, and all he got out of it was a documentary he’s now giving away for free. Because, you know, it would be kinda hard to sell a documentary about ousting a President when, er, you failed miserably.

So Moore put the movie up on the net to be downloaded, with Moore himself encouraging the downloaders to “email it, burn it, and share it with anyone and everyone.” Apparently not so much. Or at least, sorta. What Michael apparently meant to say is, download it, see it, and share it with everyone — except anyone not living in America or Canada. For you see, when Michael put the movie on the Internet aka the world wide web, he apparently thought it was going only to Americans and Canadians. Michael, we can assume, did not get fat from sitting in front of the computer downloading porn like the rest of us.

Once the film was made available on the net, it automatically landed in file sharing sites, especially those using the bittorrent sharing system, which goes worldwide. Says the movie sharing blokes at something called TorrentFreak:

After Michael Moore encouraged everyone to download his latest movie ‘Slacker Uprising’ for free and do what they like with it, lawyers working for him have sent a takedown request to a DNS company, for a torrent of the movie to be removed from BTJunkie. The problem? Well, several as it so happens.

I don’t know what’s more sad: the complete lack of understanding in regards to how the Internet works by Moore and his people, or that there were people who actually downloaded this crap. Really, guys? A documentary about a guy going around college campuses giving speeches about how it’s great to vote? And people say I don’t have a social life!

Funny tidbit: this has already hit the front page of DIGG, which pretty much ensures that even more people (thousands upon thousands) will see it, find out about the movie, and start downloading it. Basically, if the film company didn’t want the movie downloaded worldwide, they’ve just screwed themselves over. Again.

Meanwhile, here’s what Michael Moore said about file-sharing in 2005: