Michelle Rodriguez Gets 180 Days in Jail for Probation Violations

We’re used to seeing Michelle Rodriguez play tough characters in the movies, girls who don’t take crap from anyone, but real life is another story. Reuters reports that Rodriguez (“Lost”, “Resident Evil”) has been sentenced on Wednesday to 180 days in a Los Angeles jail for violating her probation on previous drunken-driving and hit-and-run offenses. She had actually gotten off pretty light, but the judge in the case apparently didn’t take too kindly to Rodriguez missing her community service obligations, and instead ordered her to start her sentence in the clink by Christmas Eve. But failing in her community service duties is not the end of it; on at least three occasions, Rodriguez was found to have consumed alcohol while wearing a monitoring bracelet around her ankle, which are more violations of her probation.


The probation violation stems from a 2004 plea of no contest — the equivalent of guilty — to three traffic offenses in Los Angeles, including hit-and-run and drunken driving.

She was previously sentenced to 60 days in jail for a probation violation in May 2006, but was released after just four hours and 20 minutes due to overcrowding.

She was also sentenced to five days in jail in Hawaii in 2006 after she was found guilty in a separate drunken-driving case. In that instance, Rodriguez opted for jail after turning down a judge’s offer to perform community service.

Will Michelle Rodriguez learn from all this? Probably not. The last time she got tossed in the clink, she came out bragging about how she made friends while inside. This girl is too tough for her own good. 180 days may be too light a sentence to slap that attitude out of her.

Michelle Rodriguez Gets 180 Days in Jail