Michelle Yeoh and Jean-Claude Van Damme Join Kung Fu Panda Sequel

I don’t get too excited about big-name stars (or even people I like) joining the cast of an animated movie, even a movie that I’m excited to see like the “Kung fu Panda” sequel, “The Kaboom of Doom”. I mean, it’s animation. It’s not like I’ll actually get to see Michelle Yeoh (left) and Jean-Claude Van Damme (below) kicking a real-life panda’s ass, you know. (Though admittedly, that would be so cool, if so wrong. And probably so illegal in China.)

Anyways, Dreamworks has announced that besides Gary Oldman, “The Kaboom of Doom” has added three more name to the cast: Yeoh, Van Damme, and “Alias’s” Victor Garber. The threesome join the recently cast Oldman, as well as returning players Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross and James Hong.

Oldman’s character is Lord Shen, a peacock and the film’s new formidable villain, thus ruining that whole “mysterious” description about his character when we last reported on it. Meanwhile, Yeoh will play the mystical The Soothsayer, a goat, while the Muscles from Brussels and Sidney Bristow’s dad will play Master Croc and Master Thundering Rhino, respectively.

“The Kaboom of Doom” finds furry panda Po (Black) on a personal journey that has him crossing paths with the new characters.

Jennifer Yuh Nelson will direct the sequel for a 2011 release.

'Stupid panda. The Van Damme will show you who is king of fighting.'