Michelle Yeoh in Romantic Kung Fu Thriller Jianyu Jianghu

“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” star Michelle Yeoh in a kung fu movie described as “‘Face/Off’ meets ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ set in the Ming Dynasty”? Oh hell yeah. I’m a fan of Yeoh, and in the right movies, she’s quite the “do everything” action heroine. She’s also got honest to goodness acting chops, which should come in handy when it’s time to do all that filler character stuff in her new movie, the John Woo-produced “Jianyu Jianghu”, which is set to commence production at the end of this month under the direction of Su Chaopin (“Silk”).

The film, budgeted at $12 million, will find Yeoh playing an assassin who falls in love with the son of a man whose father was killed by her gang. South Korean actor Jung Woo-Song (“The Good, the Bad, the Weird”) will play her love interest, whose character is also is a trained martial artist. As the duo’s love blossom, tensions rise when the past, as it invariably must, comes back to haunt them. Will their love survive? Will we see plenty of crazy martial arts action? Probably not, and probably yeah.

“Jianyu Jianghu”, which literally translates into “Rain of Swords in the Martial Arts World”, will also star Wang Xueqi (“Forever Enthralled”) and Taiwanese pop star Barbie Hsu, who previously starred in director Su Chaopin (or Chao-Bin Su)’s “Silk”.

The film is due out in the Summer of 2010.

Michelle Yeoh prefers to chop her own food at the sushi restaurants.

Michelle Yeoh prefers to chop her own food at the sushi restaurants.