Mickey Rourke will NOT be in Iron Man 2

First Samuel L. Jackson, then Emily Blunt, and now Mickey Rourke? It looks like Marvel’s “Iron Man 2” is losing potentially awesome castmembers like a fat kid diving into cake. Well at least they still have Robert Downey Jr., which is probably all that matters. Still, after Marvel lowballed Rourke for the lead villain in “Iron Man 2” surfaced a while ago, we were hoping cooler heads would prevail. It appears that has not happened, as Rourke now says he won’t be in the sequel.

Rourke told NYMag this:

But so what if ICM’s David Unger doesn’t look good in a dress — at least he’s battling Marvel for a bigger paycheck for Rourke for his rumored role as a villain in Iron Man 2, right? “Right now, we’re not doing Iron Man 2,” Rourke told us grimly.

Oh, Marvel. Is the economy really that bad that you can’t afford to pay a potential Oscar winner what he’s worth to do a movie that is going to wipe the box office clean on opening day? Really? Truly, surely, Marvel?

I’ll tell you another thing: all that fanboy goodwill that Marvel Studios has created? It’s slipping away like food at a buffet trying to keep up with Rosie O’Donnell.

Below: When informed Rourke would not be in “Iron Man 2”, ol Shellhead died a little inside. Or maybe that was gas.