Mike Mitchell’s Monster Squad Is Not A Remake

MonsterSquadWhen I first read the headline today that Mike “Sky High” Mitchell was selected to direct the upcoming Warner Bros. project “Monster Squad,” my initial reaction was one of confusion and outright agitation. Misguided nerd rage eventually immediately set in, and I quickly began a frantic quest for answers. Naturally, all of these negative feelings vanished upon learning that, while the movie does share the name of Fred Dekker’s classic 80’s flick, it is not a reimagining but a separate, completely unrelated production. And while I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone gets the idea to put one of my favorite childhood movies through the proverbial remake machine, at least it isn’t today.

According to Dark Horizons, this particular “Monster Squad” is based on Brian Lynch’s script “Nightcrawlers,” a self-proclaimed action comedy which chronicles a father’s quest to overcome his fear of the dark. Filming is scheduled for sometime next year.

Rest easy, fellow dweebs. The wolfman’s nards are safe.