Mila Kunis on Max Payne, Chris O’Donnell Joins Cast

Ah, man, I was kind of hoping the casting of Mila Kunis (pictured, left) in “Max Payne” didn’t mean she was going to play the gun-toting, sexy assassin Mona Sax, but apparently that is very much the case. I like Kunis, and she’s sexy when she has to be, but she’s just too diminutive for Mona Sax! Anyways, Kunis fills in other details about the movie, like how “Max Payne” will be a combination of the two games, and the revenge-driven plot. Also, Chris O’Donnell has been announced as joining the cast, playing an “executive” name Jason Colvin.


“For anyone who’s got concerns about Mark [Wahlberg] playing Max Payne, he’s amazing in it. Great actor, great guy,” she insists. “I play [an assassin] called Mona Sax who accuses him of murdering her sister and later comes to find out it wasn’t him. They kind of get together and try to figure out who was responsible for the murder of his wife and child and her sister. The whole film is about realising that you can go on a revenge spree and get your revenge but it doesn’t solve the problem. It’s a really great, dark movie. The story actually combines [the games] Max Payne 1 and 2 together. Lots of shooting and gunplay, but what makes this script different is that it’s a really dark, sad movie about a man who loses everything and thinks that the only way he can get it back is by revenge. And comes to terms with realising that he’ll never get it back.”

I still can’t see Kunis as Mona Sax. It just doesn’t work. We need a taller girl, like Famke Janssen or, best cast scenario, Angelina Jolie. Anyways…

Entertainment Weekly had this on the O’Donnell casting:

It seems there are advantages to playing Meredith’s spurned lover on Grey’s Anatomy. Chris O’Donnell, who hasn’t headlined a major film since 2000’s Vertical Limit, just landed a role opposite Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis in Max Payne, Twentieth Century Fox’s live-action adaptation of Rockstar Games’ shoot-’em-up game. Payne is the story of a cop (Wahlberg), haunted by the death of his family, who’s hot on the heels of a series of new murders. O’Donell will play executive Jason Colvin.

I don’t remember anyone name Colvin from the games, but I could be wrong. But since Colvin is described as an “executive”, and in Hollywood parlance “executive” means “business” and “business” means “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil”, I’m guessing Colvin is a bad guy.

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